Which Are The Early Signs Of Balding?

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Do you know there’s a way for you to find  whether you have early signs of balding or not without spending a dime?

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I am going to reveal it here on this page. Stay with me…

Watch this video first that reveals how doctors check signs of balding. It will help us further in our pursuit.

early signs of balding


If above picture tell you something, read below to know exactly what are the signs and how you can catch on them.

Three early signs of balding


  • Hair thinning starts in advance as hair follicles shirk first before disorientation of hairs from their roots.
  • If you notice considerable reduction in your hair volume, check for the other signs to perfectly adjudicate whether or not it’s Male Pattern Baldness.


  • Bald spot on front crown is also a sign of gradual retreat of hairs. It’s also called as a receding hairline.
  • How to know you have it or not? There are two ways you can use.
  • First, compare your older photo with the latest one and observe if there is a capacious difference. If so then you can consider that as a first sign.
  • Another way is to stand in front of mirror and check your forehead. If forehead looks larger than before with M shape, consider it one of the early signs of baldness.
  • Alongside this, if open patch appears in the vertex area, you must act fast because that’s biggest sign.


Clumps of hair in your hair brush is a third indication of balding.

Some more interesting insights

There is a huge difference between losing twenty hairs a day (which is normal and you shouldn’t be concern) and losing clumps of hairs.     

With all the misconceptions and myths out there, it’s really rebellious to judge early signs of balding. There should not be any guessing work anyways as these signs would help you determine your condition so that you can act fast.

So, let’s directly jump to real signs of baldness pattern.

Androgenic Alopecia, commonly termed as Male Pattern Baldness, is caused by augmented level of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone. The main reason for such elevation is an interaction of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase and testosterone.

Misconceptions and Myths about balding

  • If there are 20 hair strands in hair brush when you comb your hair, it’s one of the early signs of balding. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Say shut up to those who try to convince that. Losing up to 50 strands is perfectly normal as reported by many experts because that’s part of “hair growth and fall” cycle. If any real sign (as discussed in above section) appears alongside, then you should be worried.
  • Finding hair on the pillow in the morning. Utterly rubbish.
  • “If my family had balding history, I will go bald any day“. To an extent it’s true that male pattern baldness is genetic syndrome, but there are exceptions of this. You may be one of them.

What to do after early signs of balding?

Click through here to read about an interesting organic solution that has no side effects.

You can alo go to doctor and go under skin biopsy. That would help you and doctor immediately to know pattern of hair fall and main cause of male pattern baldness. Follow that with respective treatment to stop hair fall.

DIY Baldness Test is a procedure to judge early signs of balding. So, use it to find out the level of baldness.

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