What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

Before finding what causes male pattern baldness, we should try and have a reasonably good knowledge about baldness in the first place.

Expressed in simple words, baldness is the lack of the desired quantity of hair which could lead to a partial or complete loss of hair in the head. The intensity would vary from person to person that certainly will determine the level of baldness. So, why and how does this problem occur? Let us try and find out.

  • Male pattern baldness is also referred to as androgenic alopecia in technical terms.
  • It is caused because of an underlying reason caused by androgenic effects.
  • There is little doubt that this is most common cause of hair loss in men and accounts for almost 70% baldness related problems in the world.
  • Though it may vary from person to person, this sort of baldness problem begins with thinning of hair and loss of hair on the scalp.
  • Though rare, one cannot rule out the fact that Male Pattern Baldness can engulf the entire head and also lead to total baldness which is the last thing any man would want.male pattern baldness

What causes Male pattern baldness?

There are many reasons for these problems and common ones are –

  • Medical and chemical therapies and treatments
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Problems associated with eating disorders and
  • Stress and tension also has a role to play though there is little evidence or proof to suggest this.

For technical details, check this video:

The biggest reason perhaps for this problem is genetics and if your father or grandfather has/had Male Pattern Baldness, it is quite likely that you most certainly have a higher chance of being affected by it.

Another common reason for baldness in men could also be attributable to the hairstyles that many of us are keen on. Though such hairstyles may help us to look trendy and in line with contemporary fashion statements, the long term results could be quite damaging.

While there are some groups of men who are in favor of treating Male Pattern Baldness with the use of drugs and other therapies after knowing what causes male pattern baldness, many others would like to attack this problem with invasive surgeries, and contemporary hair plugs are now becoming more and more prominent. There are two schools of thought about the efficacy surrounding surgical intervention to aid hair growth.

However, technology has made it possible to use the best of techniques to convert such surgical methods to be painless, though it is very expensive and time consuming even if one perfectly knows what causes male pattern baldness. The final decision rests with the person who is desirous of finding a permanent solution to this problem.

The biggest advantage of using surgical methods of treating baldness is that it is free from side effects and other such problems that are usually associated with drugs and medicines. The fact that such drugs may have to be used for long periods of time makes the case even stronger for using surgery and transplantation of hair follicles a better option.

In fine, doing proper research and being in the know about the pros and cons associated with different approaches to treating baldness in men is very important before choosing the right option.


  1. Hi I’m 25 and looking to the Norwood scale already in Grade 4 and a bit worried now I have undergone treatment of Minoxidil 5% and taking oral suppliments as AdGain and Radiance H.

    Recently since 2 months started homeopathy treatment too for this issue and after identification they said that its a androgenetic aloepaecia that I’m suffering from so please advise I’m under both the treatments now.

    I want to find a solution that will improve the density from the frontal line of hair as already the thinning has been started.

    Look to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Ranbir,

      Minoxidil 5% must is the cure for your situation but you are using wrong products my friends.

      Click here: http://baldnesscare.com/casestudynow

      This is the right solution. Let me know if you have further questions.

      Wishing you quick recovery.



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