Provillus Reviews – Facts, Studies, Pros & Cons and lot more

provillus reviews

I decided to pull out some facts, findings, research results, pros & cons and other interesting details about this product to determine how true are the claims made by the company. Read this unbiased Provillus review.

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Here are some of the Provillus reviews from the real users:

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I will be revealing everything here. Things like:

  • What is provillus?
  • What ingredients are used in it?
  • Research results
  • How does it work?
  • Is it different from other products or not?
  • Is it beneficial? Is yes then how?
  • What are the negative side effects? And who should avoid using Provillus?
  • Is Provillus scam or real deal?
  • What hair loss experts have to say about it?
  • My final thoughts
  • Where to buy/not to buy Provillus?

So, let’s jump onto this guys and gals.

What is Provillus?provillus reviews men

Provillus is a hair growth solution available in the market for last 15 years. But for last 2-3 years, there is a real buzz about this product.

Most importantly, this product is available for both – men and women.

People are pumped about this product as many are benefited and experts are inspecting it to see why it works wonder. But I always like to do my own research before using or recommending anything. Here are more details.

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What ingredients are used in it?

Key ingredient in Provillus is Minoxidil as the 5% solution, which is FDA approved ingredient. Additionally, it has purified water, minerals, natural vitamins, herbs, alcohol and propylene glycol.

This is a great sign for me because none of these ingredients are harmful to human hairs or skin.

provillus reviews women

In 1996, minoxidil became the household name as it was available over-the-counter. But the way it is used in

Research results

Provillus makes this product stand alone. That’s a main reason why this product is showing results to its users.

World famous Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology conducted a clinical trial on Provillus.

Results of this trial concluded that Provillus works better than other product because it uses 5% Minoxidil formula compare to 2% in other products.

How does it works?     

It comes in 2 forms – tropical spray and dropper. Its Application is simple. One has to apply it directly on the balding area.

Provillus was used in one study in which it was used by 100 men who had Male Pattern Baldness and it showed great results for most of them. 93 men reporting positives signs in first 6 weeks only.

Now that’s something crazy. Main causes of balding in men are inheritance or hormonal issues. Most of the products work if someone has hormonal issues causing hair loss but Provillus is also effective in other cases.

That’s big thumps up.

I dig deeper to find out how it’s different from other hair loss products in the market.

How it’s different from other products?provillus before after

Most of the hair loss products in the market today, including anti hair loss shampoos, have one or another chemical substances, which are hazardous to either hair or skin.

That’s not the case with provillus reviews. It’s made of organic and tropical ingredients, which makes this safest one.

Further, one can use this in dropper form as well. When used in form of a tropical spray, you can directly apply it on balding area and see results in less than 4 weeks.

Is it beneficial?

Some of the benefits are:

  • It shows results in as early as 4 weeks in most of the cases
  • Cost is much lower than other hair loss treatments and surgeries
  • Most of the researches have shown positive results
  • It has Minoxidil, which is the most effective hair loss ingredients
  • More importantly, all the ingredients are organic. So no side effects

What are negative side effects? Who should avoid Provillus?

This is my honest Provillus review so I must warn you about a few things related to this product.

  • Overuse of Provillus will aggregate your situation and you will see worst results. So you must follow company’s recommended dosage in all circumstances
  • This is not a magic formula that would give you hairs back in a week or two. You need to wait for at least 4 weeks before seeing results.
  • Company recommends continuous usage for maximum results
  • If you are allergic to Minoxidil, don’t use Provillus
  • There are absolutely no side effects if you use as recommended.

Is provillus scam or real deal?

Lots of my readers asked me this question repeatedly but I am honored to say that this product works great if used in recommended fashion. All people I recommended this product to has reported great results.

It’s in the market for more than 15 years now and helped numerous people to get hair back. At the moment, this is the best product in the market when it comes to hair loss solution.

What hair loss expert have to say about it?

My final thoughts

After checking all the facts and findings and checking some research results, I can confidently say that Provillus works great.

Just make sure you buy from the manufacturer.


When you buy supplements or medical solutions, always go to manufacturer website and buy from there.

If you buy from or any other websites, they use third party products. That means you get this product through a channel and not directly from the manufacturer. This had many disadvantages like delay in delivery, high price, duplicate product and you don’t get benefit of promotions manfacturer is running on the product.

For example, If you buy Provillus from their official website, you can get 2 bottles for free on monthly supply.