Male Baldness cure – Treatments For Various Stages

Male pattern baldness is quite common in men over 60. However, reducing hairline in front or at top at an early age of 30 or less is cause of concern if you give a damn to your look and personality (or if you are not Bruce Willis).

Here, our mantra is to help you with male baldness cure using Norwoord scale.

Norwood scale is a measure to decide the levels of receding hairline in male. Hair loss occurs in several patterns like at tamples, top back, vertex or at back side of head, and this scale helps us understanding the severity of hair loss. Don’t think I need to mention that you can also decide the treatment accordingly.

Instead of going into technical details like medical names as complicated as Alopecia Areata or Telogen Effluvium (for hair loss), we should just concentrate on different levels of hair loss and possible treatments accordingly to help you with baldness cure.

Stage 1

baldness cure Consider this normal unless you have a family history of male baldness pattern. If so, just monitor your situation more closely to decide baldness cure.

Nothing to go reckless about! Experts conclude that loosing up to 100 strands a day is absolutely normal as that is a part of hair loss and gain cycle. Obviously, there is no parameter to count hair fall everyday and hence, you must monitor your situation.

Treatment(s): No specific treatment is required. Just make sure you are using shampoo and conditioner that don’t accelerate the hair fall.

Stage 2

baldness cure stage 2If you start noticing symmetrical or triangular area of recession at front then consider it as initial signs of baldness.

Hairline would still be a few centimeters ahead of ears but central part of your scalp would start losing significant hair. Don’t change your expression as of now. You can still control this if hairs are still growing.

Treatment(s): Examining your condition is a good habit but don’t decide treatments on your own. Confirm with your dermatologist that you are at level 2.

At this stage, medicated shampoos and medicines like Finesteride and Minoxidil are useful. If you choose medication route, ensure that it is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and check out side effects as well.

Stage 3

baldness cure stage 3Front temporal hairline should still suggest lowest possible hair loss in men, but sufficient to be called hair loss and you must find a way for such baldness cure.

At stage “3 Vertex”, the crown is added to top of the head (as shown in image).

Treatment(s): Medication would still work at this stage but you may have to try a combination of medicines to halt hair loss and try to regrow. Doctors recommend Minoxidil 2% + Retin-A 0.025%. As described by experts, Retin-A increases the effectiveness of Minoxidil when it comes to baldness cure.

Another treatment that would help is Proscar, taken as 1MG form of Propecia. Call it a new technique but people are experiencing excellent results.

Stage 4

baldness cure stage 4It’s getting serious now, so time to be more sincere about your receding hairline and find out best treatment for baldness cure.

Lack of hair is quite evident in temporal & front crown area as well as vertex. But, separation of these two areas by dense hair on the top is still a positive sign to give you hopes of regrowing your hair. Nobody can give 100% guarantee of reverse, but good enough to regain your confidence and self esteem.

Treatment(s): Start with combination of Minoxidil and Retin (as suggested in last section) and monitor. If you are excellent responder to this mixture, things will get favorable.

Otherwise, try alternatives like antiandrogens, Folligen or Lamin Gel, which are FDA approved treatments for hair loss.

Chances are, that you will return to Type 3 at least, if not Type 2 (but it’s possible).

Stage 5

baldness cure stage 5This stage has two levels. At first level, there is still a hairline between front crown and vertex. But, 5A indicates no hair between those two areas, which is more severe type of loss.

If you are above 50, no need to worry. At 30 or less, you should immediately visit a doctor and seek help, if at all you care.

Treatment(s):  A combination of medicines may still help but react quickly if the mixture is not responding. Try Proscar treatment or Spironolcatone and monitor results.

Also, nutritional supplements for hair loss are advisable to avoid side effects.

Stage 6

baldness cure stage 6More open areas at front and on the top. Only sides and back of your head have considerable hair. Welcome to Stage 6!

Bridge between crown and vertex has widened, and hair loss would be extended to sides also.

Treatment(s): You have come to stage which means combination(s) of medicines are not working in a way you expected. What are the options now?

You can consider going for FDA approved laser treatment, hair plugs or other hair transplantation procedures. Just make sure to carefully choose the surgeon to avoid weird results afterwards and expensive reprocess.

Stage 7

baldness cure stage 7This is a last stage and as you would expect, hairs are hardly left leaving signing top. A horseshoe shaped hair line left on the sides and back of the head.

Treatment(s): Only go for treatments if NO HAIR is the biggest issue hurting you right now. By no means, you can regain all the lost hairs.

Still, you can go for hair transplantation treatments that use latest technologies.     


Hope this list would help you deciding the treatment for baldness cure.

If you have inputs, you can leave your comments and thoughts below. Just stay tuned for more insights.

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  1. Baldness is one thing that every person dreads. You certainly do not need to be alarmed but careful, even the first signs of receding hair needs to be treated immediately. If you already have a family history of hair loss, take caution as early as possible. It is important not to neglect hair loss as the result can be quite frustrating.

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