Laser Therapy For Hair Loss – Is It A Viable Option?

The very thought of losing your hair is certain to send shivers down the spine. Whether we like it or not, we are today living in a world of appearances and our hair in the head has certainly a very major role to play.

Though baldness is not something new and it has been around for generations, it is a problem that certainly is attached with a lot of social stigma whether one agrees or not. It is therefore not very uncommon for all those suffering from this problem to be on the lookout for solutions.

Amongst the various options that are available, laser therapy is considered a very good alternative and there are quite a few valid reasons for the same. It therefore will make lot of interesting reading to find out more about laser therapy as a viable alternative for treating baldness and other hair loss related problems.

The Various Options Available

Apart from laser treatment, there are a number of other options available too in the market. For many decades now there are some FDA approved drugs (both oral and topical) which are known to work well in treating and even reversing male pattern baldness. Hair supplements are also considered another option for treating hair loss. However there are some pertinent points that are worth being looked at as far as laser therapy for hair loss is concerned.

laser therapy for hair lossFirst and foremost low level laser therapy or LLLT as it is referred to is considered a non invasive and drug free approach to treating hair loss. It is certainly creating a lot of excitement amongst males who suffer for male pattern baldness. When this technology was first used, artificial wounds were created on the top layer of the scalp which helped in growth of fresh skin which helped in regrowth of hair in these areas. However, the advantage with LLLT is that it does away with the need for creating such artificial injuries and is therefore considered painless and almost risk free.

How It Works

The whole objective of using laser therapy for hair loss is to stimulate the growth of red blood cells by increasing oxygen levels in those areas. Further, another main objective of LLLT is to replace the notorious ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate with Adenosine Diphosphate. This causes the energy levels to increase and results in some dramatic changes to metabolism of cells.

The whole process helps in providing the scalp areas with increased nutrition and also oxygen. This when done under the careful observation and guidance of qualified dermatologists, may help in improving the overall quality of the hair. The technology has also improved dramatically and it is possible now to use the same with very easy to use hand held devices.

In the end there is not much of doubt that though drugs and other topical application continue to remain in focus the demand for laser technology is also growing simultaneously given the various advantages associated with it. Cost still continues to be an inhibitive factor which needs to be addressed.

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