How To Prevent Balding – Interesting Essentials

In this article, you will learn the following essentials to prevent balding:

  • Go slow on heating, drying
  • Dyeing, Styling
  • Washing of hair
  • Be less stressful

An interesting fact to note is that one/third of the population has hair-loss problems and of them, thousands belong to the fairer sex. There are many causes for hair loss. They include genetics, stress, pollution, wrong diet, mineral deficiency, wearing caps or helmets. Whatever be the reason, loss of hair is a worrisome thing; so it’s vital that people know everything about hair loss — and what can be done before loss of hair becomes a problem. In this article we’ll look at certain hair-loss solutions and preventive measures.

Go Slow On Heating, Drying

how to prevent baldingIf it’s in your genes to be bald nothing much can be done about it. Otherwise there are many ways on how to prevent balding. Firstly, take good care of your hair. Don’t use drying and heating processes too frequently for your hair. Heat will weaken the proteins in your hair and too much drying and heating can lead to the hair becoming brittle and fragile that causes hair loss which would not have happened but for the excessive but wrong care. Make minimal use of hot brushes and hot curlers, hair dryers, fasteners, straighteners and treatment that involve the use of chemicals to ensure hair longevity. Be very careful when you use heated instruments on your head; if the scalp gets burned it can destroy hair follicles forever. Drying your hair the natural way is the best bet.

Dyeing, Stylinghair styling

Dye your hair just once in 8 weeks and don’t dye all your hair.  In fact, it’s better to become grey than to keep on dyeing your hair. It’s better to have some, grey hair than to not have any hair at all! Don’t put your good looks before your good health. Sometimes hair-styling can cause hair loss. Styling that involves tight clips and elastics as well as forceful pulling can also lead to loss of hair if it’s done daily. Try not to cut your hair in layers, especially if you really care about how to prevent balding.

Washing of Hair

careful hair washing

Use mild shampoo to wash your hair and don’t brush wet hair. If you do this, you could lose some strands of hair in the brushing process. In fact try not to brush your hair too frequently and if they are tangles in your hair, use your fingers to untangle it. Don’t believe in those advertisements that tell you that so-and-so shampoo is great for your hair. Shampoos smoothen hair and make it thicker but that’s only a temporary phenomenon. They don’t repair hair that is damaged.

Be Less Stressful

stay stresslessThis may seem surprise entry in section of how to prevent balding. No matter what, control your stress. Stress causes damage to all parts of your body, including your hair. Apart from that, get enough sleep, exercise regularly for physical activity helps circulation which in turn helps your scalp. Eat properly. It has been proved that hair loss is sometimes caused by poor diets. So ensure that your food intake includes iron, Vitamin C, proteins, fatty acids like Omega 3 and zinc.

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