How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost – Some Facts And Myths

Why The Need For Hair Restoration

Losing strands of hair could be the first sign of impending disaster which if left unchecked could lead to baldness. Thousands of men and women shudder at the thought of losing their hair. This is because irrespective what people may have to say, hair plays a very important part in enhancing the looks, appearances and overall personality of a person.

It is therefore quite natural for us to scout for avenues to see that the problem is either nipped in the bud or some restorative or corrective action is taken. But expenses are something that disturbs many persons and quite often they keep on asking the question how much does hair restoration cost. It would be worthwhile to find out answers for the same over the next few lines.

Is Hair Restoration Really Expensive

While going in for hair restoration price and affordability does play a significant part. It is without doubt expensive as far as the average middle class person is concerned. But evaluating hair restoration on the basis of cost alone could be a wrong thing to do. One has to look at the whole thing as a total package and do a proper due diligence before taking a call. This certainly will help in finding the right answers to the question how much does hair restoration cost. Let us now look at the cost element in some bit of detail.

There are a number of factors that could influence the cost of hair restoration and a few of them are mentioned below:

how much does hair restoration cost

  • The answer to the question how much does hair restoration cost would depend on the number of grafts that need to be don.
  • The cost would also vary depending on the number of sessions that one needs to spend for such hair restoration process.
  • The location of the clinic and the dermatologist handling it also could impact the cost of such hair restoration procedures.
  • There are hair restoration procedures that could be done for as low as $2500 and could even go up to $10,000 or beyond.
  • As a benchmark figure each and every graft could cost anything from $4 to $8 and a person might need hundreds or even thousands of such grafts.

Myths About Expenses For Hair Restoration Procedures

There are some deeply entrenched myths about hair restoration treatments particularly when it comes to answering the question how much does hair restoration cost. While the entire cost could be quite high, one needs to do a comparison with the various other options available. Products such as shampoos, drugs and medications that are used could cost a person around $10,000 per year and it has to continue for a long period of time. When compared to a full-fledged and all encompassing hair restoration treatment package it is without doubt much cheaper in the long run.

It would be wrong to write off hair restoration options as very expensive and unaffordable. There are a number of clinics which offer discounts and special offers and grabbing one of those would certainly make the whole program cost effective, providing excellent value for money.

Let’s us know how much you can afford by simply writing in comment section below. We will send you details of affordable hair restoration to you.


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