Hair Transplants For Women – All You Need To Know

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Women are convinced every now and then that hair transplants for women are not possible. I differ, Slightly…

Hair transplant surgery is definitely possible in women also if she is a good candidate for the procedure.

More than 5000 ladies in US went through hair transplant in 2012…That’s a great sign!

Now, what makes a lady perfect case for the hair replacement operation? To understand that, we first need to understand how female baldness pattern is different from male pattern baldness.

Female Pattern Baldness Vs Male Pattern Baldness

hair transplants for womenIn men, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) acts as a main factor when hair loss is hormonal. However, the effects are prominent in frontal and vertex areas leaving stable sites on sides and back, which can be used as donor sites in hair transplants for men. Same is the case in hereditary hair loss in the males.

On the contrary, traction alopecia is the most common hair loss pattern in women, which occurs due to traction in hairs, which can be result of tight hairstyles for the long period. Still, 2-5% women face androgenic alopecia as well and hence, those are good candidates for hair transplants for women.

Good Candidates For Hair Transplants

As enlighten in the above section, only 2-5% women with hair loss are possibly good candidates for this surgery. I must list out perfect criteria so that you can check whether or not you fit in.

  • First and the most important, donor sites must not be affected by androgenic alopecia. Generally, sides and back act as the donor sites in hair replacement surgery so one must have thick hairs and active follicles to consider it.
  • Furthermore, if women baldness is similar to male pattern baldness in which a lady is losing hairs only from the front and vertex, she can undergo this surgery after thoughtful monitoring.
  • Additionally, if hair loss is due to trauma, accidents, burn, mechanical alopecia, traction alopecia or previous plastic/cosmetic surgery, transplantation is going to be quite effective.
  • Alopecia Marginalis is quite similar to Traction Alopecia. So women with that deficiencies can undergo this surgery to replace hairs from donor to recipient sites.

Not Good Candidates For Hair Transplants

  • If hair thinning is scattered on all areas including scalp, sides and back, possibilities are high that hair transplants for women may not help in such cases. For a simple reason that sides and back are donor sites and low quality strands with thick hairs cannot be carried out as the donor grafts.
  • To the benefits of women, female pattern baldness doesn’t affect front and vertex area leaving them with the options to have different hairstyles to suit hair growth.
  • In most cases, women need hair growth and natural look which is not possible through hair transplants because it’s just a hair replacement surgery and doesn’t help to get hairs like you might have in your 20’s.

Now, if you think you are a good candidate for hair transplants for women, you should carefully select surgeon to perform the procedure. Wrong selection can lead to frustration, stress and financial loss as well.

How To Select The Best Surgeon For Hair Transplants?

  • Personal consultation is must in such high-end surgeries. Don’t just trust any Mr. X while selecting the dermatologist.
  • If a surgeon is suggesting this surgery to each and everyone walking to his clinic then you must investigate his history. He might be doing so just for financial gain. Each case is different and should be treated differently. Not all women need surgery…They need proper guidance. So, choose surgeon who is helpful and doesn’t sound salesman…
  • Experienced and reputed surgeons mostly have a team which helps them with this precise surgery. Experts suggest preferring a doctor who has team of professionals. If you see no assistants, straightaway guess that you are visiting an amateur.
  • $3 to $10 is the cost for replacement of a single hair graft. So have that in mind before visiting a plastic surgeon or you will end up throwing your hard earned money in the sea…

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