Hair Transplant Timeline – The Step-By-Step Guide

Hair transplantation – It’s a big decision, isn’t it?

hair transplant timelineConsidering all the uncertainty, expenses, after effects and other factors related to hair transplant surgery, one must go through the reliable information to get the idea about pros and cons of the surgery.

Often times, people wonder what happens after the surgery. Or in other words, how fast the hair grafts start growing on their own. Answer to this vital question can be simplified using hair transplant timeline. You can consider it as a time scale that would help us define the developments for one year after the surgery.

I will not waste my words or your time anymore and directly jump onto nitty-gritty stuff of post-surgery sequences and results development. Are you ready to unveil the mystery? Let’s commence…

First Week Post Surgery

It’s time for recovery from early swelling and blood clots on incision sites. Nothing to be scared about really.  For first three days, patient may notice swelling on the forehead and some blood clots on incision area. Howbeit, in a week’s time after operation, such things would shed out completely.

Second week post surgery

Time to remove staples with the help of surgeon. It’s normal process that would be completed in a few hours depending on the area of operated scalp.

Third week post surgery

Do expect substantial shedding of the transplanted hairs in third week. It happens to everyone and part of the hair fall and growth procedure actually.

2-3 months post surgery

You may see signs of happy time. After this long, many patients have reported growth of a few sprouts on the scalp. Usually, 10% growth is expected by the end of third month post operation.

Still, you must be realistic in your expectations because this growth differs from person to person same like in hair transplant timeline. Don’t get dishearten by seeing thin and fine hair growing on your head in the beginning because that’s how it starts and then thickens with time. So have some patience and enjoy life fully…

6 Months later

Hurrahhh… Time to rock and roll. Hair growth would be in full speed and you may notice up to 70% growth by this time. There is not exact science behind this but researches and studies have shown between 40 to 70% growth by the end of sixth month is quite normal. If you don’t see at least 20% growth, you must consult your surgeon or have a second opinion.

Grown hairs would be 2-3 inches in length and thick.

9 Months post surgery

You would now experience why hair transplant is much efficient nowadays as you see hairs growing in bulk. You might see up to 90% growth by this time but 60-80% is most obvious.  Also, hairs will look natural as they thicken and increase in length also. You will feel like going on a date again. Now, you are only 2-3 months away from full hair growth.

12 months later

Some surgeons suggest waiting for at least 15 months post hair transplant surgery to get final scenario. According to hair transplant timeline though, you will see 100% results in 12 months and hair will keep growing for life time.

From there on, it’s about maintaining your hairs carefully by using only anti hair loss shampoos and hair products to ensure no further damage to your lovely hair. You must be feeling high on self esteem and confidence after having head full of hairs.

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