Hair Regeneration –Think About It When You Start Balding

Here we’ll learn something about hair regeneration, which loosely means re-growing of hair:

hair regeneration tricks and tips

Generally people think about hair regeneration when they start going bald. For some, loss of hair can mean a big loss of self-esteem. Conversely, hair loss may not affect others at all. If you don’t want to go for a hair transplant operation to save precious money and steer clear of severe side effects caused by drugs that have to be taken in this process, there are certain natural ways of hair regeneration that you may consider.

  • Revive Hair Follicles
  • Herbal Remedy
  • Stem Cell Treatment

Revive Hair Follicles

Several natural remedial ways for hair loss exist which can be used to promote hair growth by providing hair the nutrition that it requires. The chief reason why most men lose hair is because of a lack of nutrition for their hair follicles. DHT is what obstructs these follicles from adequate nutrition. You can revitalize these follicles in lots of ways. One is a massage for the scalp for increasing blood circulation and making use of a natural element that’s known as saw palmetto. The latter works like Finasteride, the drug which lessens the quantity of DHT that lies in the hair’s follicles. DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone. It is a male sex hormone or androgen that synthesizes DHT in the hair follicles. Both males and females can suffer hair loss due to alterations in the body’s metabolism of androgen. It is more common in men than in women and plays a huge role in loss of hair.

Herbal Remedy

Herbal tonics help hair regeneration in a natural way by nutrifying the hair’s follicles. This is like taking drugs for hair growth
but you don’t have to cough up too much cash and there are no side effects. Besides this, herbal tonics are relatively cheap; they can also be made at home by using a few ingredients. Natural techniques for hair regeneration take effect in a few months, when you will see the results! The natural way to hair regeneration is the best. You don’t have to waste money on medical products, surgery or drugs. All the remedies are cheap and they don’t have nasty side effects.

Stem Cell Treatment

One of the most modern and most promising ways of hair regeneration involves the science of bioengineering. Here the germ of the hair is reconstructed from certain stem cells of adults. These cells, scientists say, can fully regenerate hair follicles that are functional as well as revitalize hair growth. Experiments have shown that the follicles that are bioengineered displayed hair cycles that were restored to their original niches. The hair follicle that was bioengineered also had the right structures and properly connected with host tissues surrounding it. So it could be possible to soon develop fresh hair follicles following the stem cell exploration done. Scientists have isolated the cells that are responsible for growth of hair follicles and have regenerated them in mice. Though we have been told that it’s not a total solution for complete hair loss, the basis for a revolutionary treatment for hair loss has been decisively established. 

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  1. doctoer can olive oil work for me coz it the one ican a ford at da moment am lossing hair on my scalp and am just 21 yrs pliz advice..

    • Hey,
      You have started loosing in young age. But if you are in early stage of balding, Click on the link

      That’s best thing you can use. And it had absolutely no side effects.

      Best luck…


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