Hair Plugs For Men – Do They Really Work

Of the various remedies that are gaining in popularity, there is little doubt that contemporary hair plugs for men are something that is catching the attention of many males who would like to cover their baldness.

However, we get a bit deeper into it, would it not be wise for us to do some due diligence and seek out the best solution that is based on facts and figures? We have to bear in mind that there are about 100,000 strands of hair which keep growing in our head. Hence, when we talk about curbing baldness we are trying to find a solution to compensate the loss of hair growth in a big majority of these hair strands.

hair plugs for men

This method of treatment can be quite useful in treating particularly male pattern baldness. It is a type of baldness where genetics have a very important role to play. Not many of us might be aware of the fact that this type of baldness occurs when the hair follicle is blocked by an element called DHT which is a by product of our hormone testosterone. Though medication does work, a better option would be the use of hair plugs for men, which is a surgical intervention to have the hairline replaced.

Now what exactly is this method and how does it help to over the problem associated with male pattern baldness? Let us find out.

  • It is a simple method of transplanting hair from areas where there is a thick growth to the areas where baldness is occurring or has already occurred.
  • However, this method is very expensive and does consume a lot of time. Unless done properly it could alter the look and personality of a person rather than enhancing it.
  • Identifying the right doctor to do this job is extremely important lest you cause more damage to your hair than benefits.
  • Once done with the help of a professional, it certainly can be a permanent solution and can help restore hair growth in areas that are totally bald.

The use of the right technology is also very important as far as hair plugs for men is concerned. So a good doctor alone may not suffice. It is expected that he or she who is performing the operations should have the right kind of infrastructure and wherewithal to do a thorough and professional job about it.

A number of benefits and advantages associated with hair plugs for men are too evident for us to ignore. For example,

  • Though a very expensive and time consuming procedure, it can be spread over a period of time.
  • It does not interfere with a person’s normal life and he can easily attend office or any other business activity without the need to sit in the house and recuperate.
  • This certainly is the last available option for treating baldness or receding hair line when other methods have failed.

Though there is little doubt that using hair plugs for treating male baldness is a good choice, it has to be viewed in totality taking into account the budget you have in mind, the time you are able to spare and lastly the kind of technology that is used for this type of invasive surgery.

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