Hair plugs cost – Q & A

Q. What are hair plugs?

A. Hair plugs are grafts taken from one site to be transplanted on the bald area. It is one of the commonly used treatments for baldness cure.

Q. How they are different from hair transplant surgery?

A. Plugs and transplant are different in terms of their application and results. Plugs were commonly used technique before hair transplants became go-to treatment in late 1990s. However, names may be misleading sometimes because people still use phrase “Hair Plugs” for newer hair transplantation surgeries.

Q. Which method is more efficient?

A. With all the new technologies supporting it, hair transplantation is clearly the winner. Results have improved immensely in last few years with FUE, HM and PRP procedures.

Q. How Much Hair plugs cost? 

A. This is really a tricky question with no definite answer. However, we will try to answer it with precision using latest statistics from FDA to give you the best idea.

Hair plugs cost solely depends on the bald area and number of required grafts.

hair plugs cost

Most of the surgeons charge per graft, which is around $4 to $10 depending on expertise.

On average, minimum 1000 grafts need to be transplanted even in small bald area. Now you can count minimum amount. Not lesser than $4000 in any case.

Wholesale price applied here too. This seems odd but that’s a reality. Most of the hair transplantation centers give discount on hair plugs cost if you are going for higher number of grafts. For example, if 1000 grafts are required then price would be $9 each and for 5000 grafts price would be $6.

Anyways, you cannot think below $4000-5000 if you are looking at this surgery as a baldness solution. At higher end, it may cost you even $20000 if you have bigger area to cover.

Q. How to find a good surgeon for the hair transplantation?

A. Removing grafts from donor site and transplanting them to recipient site is a troublesome procedure and requires expert hands. Selecting a doctor is vital here because wrong decision can lead to many side effects. Make sure that you check the history of doctor and go to reputed one who has done many such surgeries successfully.

Q. How to save money on hair plugs cost?

A. As said in last answer, it’s vital to choose the experienced doctor for transplants and that is going to cost you little more. However, you can save few bucks by not going to doctors of big cities. Experts in small cities can do wonder with your hair if you select wisely. There are few instances where people have gone out of their ways and went to other countries for operation and got that done successfully in half price.

Q. Which countries have low hair plugs cost?

A. Successful doctors in India, Brazil and Thailand have proven track records and charge only half compared to doctors in US. Furthermore, most of them have degrees from US and are well trained before they open clinics in their regional countries.

If we have missed any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to ask in comments section or using contact form. It would be our immense pleasure to answer your personal questions related to hair plugs, hair transplantation or anything related to baldness cure.

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