Hair Plantation – Is It Possible Or Just A Distant Dream

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What is hair plantation?
  2. How the procedure is done?
  3. What to expect from the surgery?

Did you wake up one morning and found your hair back? Dream no more. We have it real for you. Hair transplant is the magic of it all. We will work on your scalp, give it hair and get you back into the bubble of life! Hair transplant will give you that confidence. You can get into a lot of opportunities.

The hair is said to be the crowning glory of a person. That is exactly why it is appropriately located on the head. But there are times people lose hair due to varied reasons. The earlier hair loss is detected, the greater are the chances of being treated. Depending on these reasons, hair transplant might simply be the solution for your problem.

What is hair plantation?

Hair transplantation is the surgical transfer of hair from a healthy growth area to a bald portion. It is not a procedure to grow new hair. It is just a matter of transferring already grown hair, say, from the back to the front potion of the head. This has to be done by a professional.

This procedure is specially conducted to significantly improve the physical appearance and confidence of patients who are balding. As a surgical procedure, the patient will be under local anesthesia. There should only be minimal pain during the procedure.

How The Procedure Is Done?

As a hair plantation candidate, you will be given individualized treatment. To make sure what treatment is suitable and available for you, you

hair plantation

have to undergo an initial medical assessment. This will give you time to discuss the factors around the problem with your doctor. This may include family history of hair loss, previous medications and lifestyle.

You can also discuss the entire procedure with your doctor expressing your expectations of the possible outcome. The doctor can enlighten you with the cost and possible risks of the procedure if there would be any. The risks would depend upon your medical and genetic history. This assessment will specially analyze your medical condition and give you and your doctor insight into the success of your hair transplant. Hair loss cases vary from person to person. But hair plantation can be given to all that satisfy favorable medical considerations.

What To Expect From This Surgery?

There had been many hair transplant patients who had excellently growing hair months after the surgery. There are some cases, however, when more sessions are needed for the best results. Since hair transplant result is permanent, there is no prescribed maintenance medication.

As in any post-surgical procedure, the patient has to take special care of the head as the scalp could be very tender at first. He may also be advised to take pain reliever medications. Antibiotic drugs would also help to prevent infection. All these will ensure that the recovery period would cause minimal discomfort. Of course the thought of having that better look will give the best comfort.

Finally, to ensure safe and successful surgery, the hair transplant patient should be healthy. There is no better way of having that healthy hair growth than the classical tips, healthy lifestyle, rest and sleep, healthy eating and positive outlook in life!

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