Why The Rush For Hair Loss Wigs

The use of hair loss wigs has been prevalent for centuries and history is replete with instances where it has been used for treating this age old problem. While there is little doubt that newer technologies and solutions to assist in hair growth/arresting of hair fall have been found over the last few decades, the demand for wigs for hair loss still continues to be quite strong. The materials that are used for making wigs are quite varied. Whether it is wool, feather or horse-hair, each and every base material has its own advantages and disadvantages for the end user.

However, it is important to find out the end reason as to why these hair loss wigs are being used. There could be many who may be using it for fancy dress and other temporary purposes. On the other hand, there could others who could be using it to cover their baldness. In this article, we will only be restricting our thoughts to the second category of people.

First and foremost we have to understand the reality that hair loss wigs are short-term and quick fix solutions for a problem that could be permanent in nature. It at best can help in camouflaging a problem that is more deep rooted. Hence, at the end of the day it would always be better to go in for permanent fix to the problem which could help in arresting hair fall and aiding in re-growth of hair. But when things are beyond control, the only option may be to turn back to the good old wigs for hair loss.

hair loss wigs

As far as women are concerned lace-front wigs are considered one of the best options to hid hair loss or even partial or total baldness. One of the main reasons for the lethargic growth of lace-front is the cost of these wigs. They were, even a few years ago, out of reach for most ordinary people. But of late, there are many low-cost versions which certainly can fit the bill as ideal hair loss wigs.

Let us now try and find out how a lakefront wig comes into being and how it helps in overcoming the problem of hiding hair loss.

  • Lace-front wigs are mostly made from human hair.
  • It is usually slip knotted and reshapes itself into a foundation that resembles a lace.
  • The lace that is used in the process is made from a very delicate material and is totally invisible when used.
  • There are full lace wig and lace-front wigs that are mostly used. While the former is used to cover the entire head, the latter is useful in hiding pattern baldness that affects the fore-head.
  • The hair loss wigs that are available today in the lace form could cost anything from $100 to $250. This is indeed quite cheap when compared to exorbitant price ranges of $400 to $2000 even a few years ago.

In fine, while there is no alternative to finding a permanent fix to hair loss and pattern baldness, hair loss wigs are indeed quite effective as short and medium-term solution.

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