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Ayurvedic Hair Care – Performing Tips And Tricks

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Female Hair Loss, Hair Growth Products, Natural Treatments For Hair Loss, Signs And Symptoms | 0 comments

In this article, you will get to know the Ayurvedic ways to take good care of your hair: The Dietary Way Relaxation Herbal Remedies Oil Scalp Massage Avoid Harsh Chemicals Curative Tips Whatever kind of hair you have been blessed with you have to do some things which will keep it lustrous and healthy. According to Ayurveda, the more than 5,000 years old method of holistic treatment, good healthy hair starts inside your body. So look after your diet, which should contain plenty of leafy, green vegetables, sweet fruits, dairy products like fresh yogurt and milk. Coconut is also seen as good...

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How To Prevent Balding – Interesting Essentials

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In this article, you will learn the following essentials to prevent balding: Go slow on heating, drying Dyeing, Styling Washing of hair Be less stressful An interesting fact to note is that one/third of the population has hair-loss problems and of them, thousands belong to the fairer sex. There are many causes for hair loss. They include genetics, stress, pollution, wrong diet, mineral deficiency, wearing caps or helmets. Whatever be the reason, loss of hair is a worrisome thing; so it’s vital that people know everything about hair loss — and what can be done before loss of hair...

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Azelaic Acid Hair Loss Treatment Approach

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Female Hair Loss, Hair Loss And Related Issues, Hair Loss Treatments, Medication, Signs And Symptoms | 0 comments

Of the various options that are available for treating pattern baldness and other forms of hair depletion, azelaic acid hair loss treatment methods are gaining in popularity with each growing day. It especially works very well for androgenic alopecia, which is often also called as female pattern baldness. Though the use of Minoxidil for treating various types of baldness is quite popular, there is something special about azelaic acid which is worth looking at. However, before we understand more about the efficacies associated with azelaic acid hair loss treatment regimens, we would do better...

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Why The Rush For Hair Loss Wigs

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The use of hair loss wigs has been prevalent for centuries and history is replete with instances where it has been used for treating this age old problem. While there is little doubt that newer technologies and solutions to assist in hair growth/arresting of hair fall have been found over the last few decades, the demand for wigs for hair loss still continues to be quite strong. The materials that are used for making wigs are quite varied. Whether it is wool, feather or horse-hair, each and every base material has its own advantages and disadvantages for the end user. However, it is...

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Dutasteride Hair Loss Products – Worth Buying?

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Hair loss certainly could impact us in many ways and could pose a big challenge for our personal and professional lives. Amongst the various treatment options that are available in the market, dutasteride hair loss products are considered to be drug of choice for many people. It offers a silver lining for many of us who have tried all other options without any success. Let us have a closer look at this treatment avenue and understand it from various perspectives. The most unique fact about the various dutasteride hair loss products available in the market is that it was initially a drug for...

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Hair Loss And Menopause – Little Known Facts and Findings

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Is hair loss and menopause closely related? This is a common question that many of us come across. Before understanding the relation between the two, we have to bear in mind that with age women starts losing her hair. When menopause also accompanies the ageing process, the problem gets exacerbated. There certainly is a close relation between dramatic loss of hair and menopause. It is therefore important to understand this fact before some meaningful treatment options can be looked at. When a woman reaches 40 years of age, it is normal for her to lose around 100 strands of hair per day. This...

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