Azelaic Acid Hair Loss Treatment Approach

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Of the various options that are available for treating pattern baldness and other forms of hair depletion, azelaic acid hair loss treatment methods are gaining in popularity with each growing day. It especially works very well for androgenic alopecia, which is often also called as female pattern baldness. Though the use of Minoxidil for treating various types of baldness is quite popular, there is something special about azelaic acid which is worth looking at. However, before we understand more about the efficacies associated with azelaic acid hair loss treatment regimens, we would do better...

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Dutasteride Hair Loss Products – Worth Buying?

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Hair loss certainly could impact us in many ways and could pose a big challenge for our personal and professional lives. Amongst the various treatment options that are available in the market, dutasteride hair loss products are considered to be drug of choice for many people. It offers a silver lining for many of us who have tried all other options without any success. Let us have a closer look at this treatment avenue and understand it from various perspectives. The most unique fact about the various dutasteride hair loss products available in the market is that it was initially a drug for...

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Is Hair Loss and Thyroid Related

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There are many reasons for hair loss in human beings and it has been established that there is a close connection between hair loss and thyroid. Our hair and nail are two things that keep growing throughout our life and even a few days after our death. In today’s stress filled world there are many reasons for mild to heavy hair loss. Imbalances in thyroid secretion and under-performance or over-performance of the thyroid glands are also considered reasons for loss of hair. There could be many manifestations that we could see in our hair and quite a few of them could be attributed to our...

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Natural Hair Growth Products For Men – Are They Useful

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In spite of the fact that we do not like to see our hair line thinning, many of us suffer from this problem. There could be many reasons that could contribute to hair loss. While some are genetic in nature which is not very easy to treat, there are quite a few situations where our own way of living and the kind of environment that we stay in could play a major role. Use of drugs of certain types could lead to temporary loss of hair. A typical example is the use of various anti cancer chemotherapy drugs. However, such loss of hair is usually temporary in nature and once the drugs are...

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A Peep Into Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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Receding hairline, pattern baldness and total loss of hair are indeed very serious problems for thousands of people across the world. Though there are many options available for treating the problems including drugs and medications, quite a few times none of them seem to work. Under such circumstances the only option left is to go in for non surgical hair replacement. There are various types of wigs, caps or toupees, which can help in finding a solution to camouflage receding hair line or baldness. Why Non Surgical Hair Replacement Is So Popular When we talk about a quick fix solution there...

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Non Surgical Hair Restoration – Close Look At The Options

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The human body is without any doubt in a continuous flux of change. As a boy or girl enters puberty there are a number of physically manifestations which are there for all of us to see. As we age and start reaching the wrong side of 40, whether we are men or women we see a lot of changes. As far as men are concerned, one of the most common changes that happen is enhanced levels of a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. There are many changes which are caused by increased levels of DHT and hair loss of alopecia is one such problem. Let us now look how baldness can be best treated with...

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