Hair Transplantation

Hair Plantation – Is It Possible Or Just A Distant Dream

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In this article, you will learn: What is hair plantation? How the procedure is done? What to expect from the surgery? Did you wake up one morning and found your hair back? Dream no more. We have it real for you. Hair transplant is the magic of it all. We will work on your scalp, give it hair and get you back into the bubble of life! Hair transplant will give you that confidence. You can get into a lot of opportunities. The hair is said to be the crowning glory of a person. That is exactly why it is appropriately located on the head. But there are times people lose hair due to varied reasons....

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Hair Transplants For Women – All You Need To Know

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Hello Lovely Reader…You are so beautiful! If you are a lady, you are on the perfect page. If you are a gentleman, you can help your mom, sister or partner with this information. Women are convinced every now and then that hair transplants for women are not possible. I differ, Slightly… Hair transplant surgery is definitely possible in women also if she is a good candidate for the procedure. More than 5000 ladies in US went through hair transplant in 2012…That’s a great sign! Now, what makes a lady perfect case for the hair replacement operation? To understand that, we first need to...

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Hair Transplant Timeline – The Step-By-Step Guide

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Hair transplantation – It’s a big decision, isn’t it? Considering all the uncertainty, expenses, after effects and other factors related to hair transplant surgery, one must go through the reliable information to get the idea about pros and cons of the surgery. Often times, people wonder what happens after the surgery. Or in other words, how fast the hair grafts start growing on their own. Answer to this vital question can be simplified using hair transplant timeline. You can consider it as a time scale that would help us define the developments for one year after the surgery. I will not...

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How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost – Some Facts And Myths

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Why The Need For Hair Restoration Losing strands of hair could be the first sign of impending disaster which if left unchecked could lead to baldness. Thousands of men and women shudder at the thought of losing their hair. This is because irrespective what people may have to say, hair plays a very important part in enhancing the looks, appearances and overall personality of a person. It is therefore quite natural for us to scout for avenues to see that the problem is either nipped in the bud or some restorative or corrective action is taken. But expenses are something that disturbs many...

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Hair plugs cost – Q & A

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Q. What are hair plugs? A. Hair plugs are grafts taken from one site to be transplanted on the bald area. It is one of the commonly used treatments for baldness cure. Q. How they are different from hair transplant surgery? A. Plugs and transplant are different in terms of their application and results. Plugs were commonly used technique before hair transplants became go-to treatment in late 1990s. However, names may be misleading sometimes because people still use phrase “Hair Plugs” for newer hair transplantation surgeries. Q. Which method is more efficient? A. With all the new technologies...

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Male Baldness cure – Treatments For Various Stages

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Hair Loss And Related Issues, Hair Loss Shampoos, Hair Loss Treatments, Hair plugs, Hair Transplantation, Male pattern baldness, Medication | 1 comment

Male pattern baldness is quite common in men over 60. However, reducing hairline in front or at top at an early age of 30 or less is cause of concern if you give a damn to your look and personality (or if you are not Bruce Willis). Here, our mantra is to help you with male baldness cure using Norwoord scale. Norwood scale is a measure to decide the levels of receding hairline in male. Hair loss occurs in several patterns like at tamples, top back, vertex or at back side of head, and this scale helps us understanding the severity of hair loss. Don’t think I need to mention that you can also...

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