Ayurvedic Hair Care – Performing Tips And Tricks

ayurvedic hair care

In this article, you will get to know the Ayurvedic ways to take good care of your hair:

  • The Dietary Way
  • Relaxation
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Oil Scalp Massage
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Curative Tips

Whatever kind of hair you have been blessed with you have to do some things which will keep it lustrous and healthy. According to Ayurveda, the more than 5,000 years old method of holistic treatment, good healthy hair starts inside your body. So look after your diet, which should contain plenty of leafy, green vegetables, sweet fruits, dairy products like fresh yogurt and milk. Coconut is also seen as good food for your hair. You can add grated coconut to salads, rice, slices of fruit etc. Eat less canned, processed and refined foodstuff.


Use relaxation techniques like meditation to relax your mind and body. Keep on the look-out for peaceful natural sights like trees, lakes and clouds to help restore your mind’s balance. Music is also good therapy. Play good quality music to get rejuvenated.

Herbal Remedies

Ayurvedic herbs can be found in special stores that deal in them. The herbs that are great for hair growth and maintenance are called Gotu Kola and Eclipta Alba. The latter literally means “Maharaja of Tresses”. Both of these reduce stress and nourish hair. Ayurveda also considers herbs like Country Mallow, which strengthens general physiology and Winter Cherry, which resists stress, as good ways to keep hair in good health.

Oil Scalp Massage

Get your scalp massaged with warm oil twice or thrice a week. This will moisturize and stimulate your scalp leading to good hair health. Use high quality coconut oil or olive/almond oil, or special Ayurvedic oils that contain herbs that were mentioned earlier in this article. Massage of the scalp will also help you get sound sleep besides relaxing you. Apply mild warm oil to hair and softly massage evenly into the scalp using the tips of your fingers. Leave it that way overnight, or for one hour at least. After the time span shampoo your hair to remove the oil.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Don’t use damaging chemical products which can harm your hair over a period of time. Seek out natural and gentle conditioners and cleansers particularly if you want to have three-times-a-week hair washes. Ayurvedic conditioners and shampoos contain beneficial botanicals which are great for your hair. Apart from these, there are a huge range of soaps which are also healthful for hair. Buy only herbal and natural products that are authentic Ayurvedic products.

Curative Tips

  • For loss of hair, Amla (India gooseberry) oil that is made by boiling dry bits of the gooseberry in coconut oil, enriches growth of hair and prevents hair loss.
  • For dandruff problems, immerse 2 tablespoons of methi (Fenugreek) seeds in water and keep it there overnight. At morning pound the seeds into a paste and apply this paste to your scalp. Leave it like that for 30 minutes before washing your hair thoroughly.

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