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Welcome to Baldnesscare.com… My quest to present honest information starts here!

My name is Lionel Rodricks. I am a lifetime student of Dermatology and Trichology. Learning new ways to treat hair loss or baldness is my passion.

Quite often, I surf internet for my study purpose and found that most of the information available online is not reliable. People are stuffing their sites with advertisements to make money out of it. Reader’s importance gets last seat in such scenario. Hence, I thought to create my own website http://baldnesscare.com in order to give concrete information and sources that help those who want the real information on hair loss and baldness cure.

This is my honest attempt as I learn new ways to help people overcome hair related problems. If you think I am missing something, I am really open to your comments, questions and criticism.

In short, I want to create a community which can help others as well by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Are you ready guys and gals to hit the road and learn new things?

I am excited and hope you are too…Just use contact us form to ask personal questions. Your details won’t be shared without your permission.

Thanking you for visiting this site.

Have a lovely day ahead…

Lionel Rodricks, Hair Prevention and baldness cure expert.