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Hair Transplantation is not a scary surgery anymore. In fact, more than 100,000 men and 13,000 women opted for the surgery in 2012.

Only 3% of those didn’t get desired results and the reasons are obvious. Either they selected wrong surgeon or they were not good candidates for hair transplants. And rest 97%? Well they can’t believe how good their decision was to go for this procedure.

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But Friends, You must know these facts Before Making Any Move

In late 80’s and early 90’s, people went all crazy and opted for hair plugging surgery and half of them got screwed results. This might scare you first.

In reality though, hair plugs surgery was in early stages then and the procedure was done using large grafts and with large incisions on recipient sites. Which contributed in doll-type look and scars all over the scalp.

With the advent of latest technologies and improved skills of surgeons, the procedure is so fine-tuned that tiny follicle units are taken from donor sites (back and sides of head, which have hair growth) and transplant those grafts with almost invisible touch at the recipient sites (area that’s balding).

How to avoid screwed results?

First, if you choose a wrong surgeon, you are all set for the disaster. Thus, essential thing is to perfectly know how to choose a surgeon for such imperative surgery.

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I visited a few surgeons to get the feel of what they have to offer. Also did in-depth research to come up with the 13 questions you must ask your surgeon that qualify them as the safest bet.

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Second, not everyone is a good candidate for hair plugs. It depends on aspects like:

  • Hairs on donor site
  • Assessment of bald area using Densitometer – An instrument for accurate measurement of hair density
  • Scalp Laxity is another vital factor
  • Skills of doctor
  • History of hair treatments
  • Person’s age (This is not too affirmative indicator though)

How much will it cost you?

HAIR TRANSPLANT COST. Well, it solely depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. In short, it varies from person to person. I thought about helping you out by answering most common questions you might have about hair plugs cost. Click here to read those questions and answer.

Considering all the discussed points here, I must not go without saying that if researched well and careful selection of surgeon before making final decision, hair transplantation procedure would be great solution for balding men (in some cases, women too).

If at all, you decide to go for this surgery, consider following facts:

  1. Be realistic in your expectations. Such surgery is not A MAGIC WAND that you will wake up next morning with your skull full of hairs. In first 2 months, transplanted hairs would fall and new hairs would grow in 3 to 9 months.
  2. Going for transplant at early age may invite some critical health issues.
  3. Thick and light colored hairs give better results compare to thin and dark colored hairs.
  4. Think about the cost ALSO. Ask quotes from a few reputed surgeons and compare the prices to save some money.
  5. Most medical insurances don’t cover the cost, unless you lose hair from burn, trauma or accident.
  6. Smokers have higher risk of side effects. So quit smoking if you are really serious about the surgery.
  7. This is not a do it-forget it process. One may require multiple sessions or continuous medical treatment after the actual operation.
  8. Consider medical issues like physical history, overall health, hair evaluation, risks and possible complications, reactions to drugs and preparation for surgery. Just follow the instructions of your doctor.
  9. Mental approach is vital here. Once you have done enough homework about the selection of a surgeon and the procedure, just make sure that you are not anxious. Consider this as just another medical practice.
  10. Having the knowledge of various types of procedures would really add to the output because that would help you determine the skills of surgeons and effectiveness of the chosen method.

Also, some people get confused about hair plugs and hair transplants. The key difference is how it was performed few years back and how it’s performed now.

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Your Thoughts

I hope this helped in your pursuit to cure baldness. Howbeit, if you have something to share or ask, don’t hesitate to use comments section below. I will get back to you soon…!

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